• Regional differences: The Americas region trails EMEA and APAC in ESG integration in the investment process. Forty-three percent of respondents in EMEA receive specialized training, compared to 30 percent in APAC and 28 percent in the Americas.
  • Client demand: Sixty-six percent of survey respondents said they would consider ESG factors in their analysis and decisions if investors demanded it. This theme was consistent across all regions with 67 percent in the Americas, 65 percent in APAC, and 61 percent in EMEA.
  • Gender differences: Forty-six percent of men compared to 18 percent of women surveyed said ESG issues are immaterial or add no value. Sixty-two percent of women and 49 percent of men systematically consider ESG issues in their investment analysis.
  • Generational differences: Younger generations are more likely to consider ESG factors with Millennials at 78 percent, Generation X at 74 percent, and Baby Boomers at 68 percent.
  • Risk evaluation: Sixty-five percent of survey respondents said they consider ESG in the investment decision making process to help manage investment risks, 45 percent say that their clients/investors demand it, and 41 percent said ESG performance is a proxy for management quality.
  • Top three issues in decision-making: Survey respondents ranked board accountability, human capital, and environmental degradation as the issues most important to investment analysis and decision-making.

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